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Mr S

Mr S’s daughter

“I used to worry about my Dad going out and getting confused about finding his way home. Now with the telecare and the property exit sensor I get a phone call if my Dad has been out for a long period of time.”

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Mr p

Mr P’s sister

“It’s given him his life back. He so wanted to live in his own home. When he came back I asked him if he was happy and he said ‘I love being at home’. If we didn’t have the telecare equipment in the house we just wouldn’t be able to manage.”

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Mr L

Mr L

“Telecare gives me some ‘me time’, because I don’t always want somebody to be supporting me in my own home, but it’s nice to have the reassurance that I can get help if I need it.”

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Mr & Mrs M

Mr and Mrs M

“Telecare acts as a safety net for us. We live a very independent and fulfilling life, but at the same time we are aware that one day there may be circumstances that mean we need urgent help and the system gives us that back up.”

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