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We are a trustworthy, quick response service provided by the City of Cardiff Council.

Telecare Cardiff

For only £5.06 a week our specially trained team of Operators and Mobile Wardens can provide you with help and support whatever your age or circumstance meaning that you can continue to live safely and independently in your own home.

When you become a ‘Telecare Cardiff’ customer we install our state of the art, easy to use equipment in your home. This includes a discreet pendant with a push button alarm and a small base unit to contact our team.

Through these you can easily connect to our skilled operators who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with reassurance and assistance whenever you need it.

If you need direct assistance, our Mobile Wardens are always on hand at any time of the day or night to provide quick response emergency assistance in your own home so you can be sure that help is never far away.

With Telecare Cardiff you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

Package 1 - Contact Service

  • 24 hour Telephone support from our dedicated contact team
  • 24 hours Quick response to any distress call
  • The team will contact a relative, carer or emergency services
  • Equipment cost: FREE!

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Package 2 - Contact & Warden Service

  • Direct call-out support from our highly trained mobile wardens.
  • 24 hour Telephone support from our contact team
  • First Aid Trained Wardens
  • No restriction on amount of Warden visits
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Equipment cost: FREE!

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We offer a range of products that can transform your home into a safe and secure environment including:

How does it work?

When you become a Telecare Cardiff customer you will be provided with a pendant alarm and response unit which you can use to contact our friendly team any time of the day or night.

They will then be able to help you by contacting a family member, a carer or emergency services.

With other telecare providers that’s where the help would end but ‘Telecare Cardiff’ is more than just an alarm service. We also have a unique team of mobile wardens who are able to come directly to your aid 24 hours a day anywhere in the city.

Our wardens are highly trained and fully equipped to assist you whatever the situation – whether this means getting you back on your feet after a fall, administering first aid, checking you for injury, or waiting with you for emergency services to arrive.

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