Mr S

Mr S

About Mr S

Mr S is an 86 year old man with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease who lives alone. He has a very supportive family who visit everyday, and he also receives a care package.

The Challenge

Mr S would sometimes leave his home to go shopping alone and then become disorientated. The family spent a considerable amount of time looking for Mr S and they received several calls from neighbours concerned about his safety.

The Solution

After completing an assessment the Telecare team suggested that:

  • A Lifeline unit and pendant should be installed to enable Mr S to easily call for help
  • A smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector be provided to raise an alarm at the monitoring centre if Mr S gets into difficulty cooking a meal
  • A property exit sensor should be installed that would inform the monitoring centre when Mr S had left his home and not returned within the pre-determined time. The monitoring centre would then contact the family so they could respond.

The Outcome

Mr S’s family are less anxious as they know that if there is a problem, the monitoring centre will contact them, and that they can spend more quality time with Mr S.

Mr S is happier as he feels safer in his home and knows if he is worried he can speak to the monitoring centre at any time.

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