Mr P

Mr p

About Mr P

Mr P is 74 and has had a series of health problems following a stroke. He was found in his back garden by a neighbour.

The Challenge

Mr P’s condition meant a hospital stay of many months, and at one point it was felt he would need to be discharged to residential care as it wouldn’t be safe for him to return home alone.

Mr P and his family were all keen for him to have the opportunity to return to the home he had worked for for many years.

The Solution

A telecare system was fitted to Mr P’s home, including:

  • Bed sensor which raised an alert at the monitoring centre if he left his bed and failed to return after 30 minutes between the hours of 10pm and 7am.
  • Property exit sensor. The centre would contact Mr P’s sister who lived close by if Mr did not return home within an agreed set time.
  • Sensors which will raise an alert if they detect events such as a flood or a fire.
  • Pendant, which will automatically raise a call for help if it detects Mr P has fallen.

The system is linked to a pager, which will notify Mr P’s sister if there is a problem. Mr P’s sister also fills a medication dispenser for him, which helps him to take the right medication at the right time each day.

The Outcome

Mr P has been able to return back to his own house where he feels safe and happy, and close to his family and the community he has lived in all his life.

His sister has the reassurance that she will be notified if her brother needs help, but they can both continue to live independent lives.

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