Mr L

Mr L

About Mr L

Mr L is a 29 year-old man with muscular dystrophy, a genetic muscle-wasting condition that over time leads to an increasing level of physical disability.

The Challenge

Mr L uses a wheelchair and is supported by carers for day to-day living. He has always enjoyed travel and work as it gives him independence. He works three days a week with adults who need support to live their life.

The Solution

Determined not to allow his condition to compromise his independence and safety at home, Mr L started using the Telecare Service.

His package includes:

  • Pendent that he can press at any time if he needs to summon help from anywhere in his home or garden.
  • Smoke detectors to raise an alert the monitoring centre in the event of a fire.
  • A home unit, which can receive alerts from Mr L’s pendant and smoke detector sensors linked to the monitoring centre, so that an alarm can be raised 24-hours a day.

The Outcome

For Mr L, Telecare reduces the risks of independent living and gives him peace of mind.

For example, on one occasion, Mr L became separated from his house keys and ended up being locked in his home unable to get to his phone.

Mr L was able to push the alert on his Telecare unit, and staff at the monitoring centre called a locksmith.

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