Common FAQ’s from our customers regarding our service

How much does the service cost?

The cost of the equipment and subsequent monitoring will differ, taking into account the following factors;

  • If you are in receipt of any means tested benefits
  • If you have quoted a promotional code
  • If you have requested Social Services to fund the equipment cost
  • The level of service requested, £1.94 per week for Contact Only and £4.56 per week for Mobile Response

It is worth noting that every time the alarm is activated or calls through to the control centre a call is generated that is charged at your local rate by your supplier. These calls would appear on your bill. For further clarification please ask the Assessment & Connection Officer whilst onsite, or call our office on 029 20 537080.

Can I wear the pendant in the shower/bath?

Yes, you can wear the pendant anywhere in your home, including the bathroom. The pendant is water resistant but not completely waterproof, so we ask you not to immerse it in the bath.

Will my pendant work if I wear it outside?

The pendant is designed for domestic use only.  The typical range of the pendant is 50 metres; this diminishes slightly when inside a property.  A range test will be completed on site.

What happens if I press the pendant accidentally or raise a false alarm?

Please do not alarm yourself if you accidentally activate your pendant.  You will hear the Operator ask “are you okay”, please confirm that you are, and that you simply pressed the pendant in error. Please do not worry if you raise a false alarm, the monitoring centre is always happy to hear from you. The raising of the alarm acts as a useful test of your home unit.

How will I know if the battery is low?

There is an auto low battery trigger that will send a notification call via the home unit to the monitoring centre when its battery is low.

Do hearing aids or pacemakers interfere with the unit?

No, the use of the hearing aids and/or pacemakers is perfectly safe. This will not interfere with the radio range.

Should I advise you if I change Telephone suppliers (i.e. change from BT to Talk Talk)?

Yes, can you please advise Telecare Cardiff if you change telephone suppliers so we can update our records.

In the past there have been issues with certain telecommunication operators upgrading their networks and this has had an adverse effect on equipment.

If we have up to date telephone supplier information we will be able to notify you and potentially rectify any issues.

Should I advise you if any of my personal circumstances/details change?

Yes, you should notify us if any of your personal circumstances/details change.

It is important that we have up to date GP information, next of kin, medical information in order to contact family members instantly and ensure if the emergency services need to be called that they have all the correct information to hand.

What if I lose my pendant?

We will replace your pendant for a fee of £40; this will be done as a priority.

How do I change details of my key holders?

Just contact us on 02920 537080 to let us know the details you wish to change.

I am moving house – do I need to give you my change of details?

Yes. When you move you can simply unplug the system and call us on 02920 537080.

Tell us your new address, telephone numbers and any changes to key holders. We will then visit to reinstall the unit for you free of charge.

What happens if there is a power cut?

If there is a cut in power, there is a battery in the base unit, which keeps the system working.

Can I have more than one pendant per base unit?

Yes, you can have anything up to 32 sensors (depending on unit). Please contact the team who will advise.

What is a key safe?

A key safe is a small secure box that is fitted on the outside of your home that stores up to three keys.

Your responders use a code to open it, saving them the need to keep your keys on them at all times. Your code number will be stored securely at the monitoring centre.

Help and advice


  • Wear your pendant at all times.
  • Test your home unit and pendant on a regular basis
  • Keep the home unit connected to the mains power and phone socket at all times.
  • Dust the home unit/pendant with a soft cloth which can be slightly moistened with a gentle detergent if required.


  • Expose the home unit to water or other liquids.
  • Connect cables other than those supplied with the home unit.
  • Move the home unit from the location that it was originally installed
  • Move objects close to the home unit that either; create lots of noise, heat, or are made of metal such as televisions, radios, washing machines, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, laptops etc.

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