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3 Steps to Independence

For only £4.56 a week our specially trained team of Operators and Mobile Wardens can provide you with help and support

Step 1 – Your home

See how the services we offer can work inside your house.

Step 2 – Our services

How the services we offer can help you stay safe in your home.

Step 3 – Contact us

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Meet the Team



Team Leader

Working for Telecare since 2012

“We help the most vulnerable citizens of Cardiff and the wider South Wales area.  I love the fact that we provide a service giving peace of mind to customers and their loved ones – they know help is at hand 24/7.”

Mel Hil


Operator and Mobile Warden

Working for Telecare since 2013

“I believe in our service 100%. I talked my mum into signing up! Using Telecare, customers and their families can be reassured that there is always someone on hand to assist in an emergency. That kind of peace of mind is absolutely priceless.”



Mobile Warden

Working for Telecare since 2003

“I love my job because it allows me to help fellow human beings when they are at their most vulnerable, and I always go home knowing I have made a difference to someone’s life.”



Working for Telecare since 2005

“We are a great team who work well together and our relationship with the Emergency services is good. We all appreciate the importance of the service. “